Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

The Recommendation Assignments This assignment links to course objectives 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, & 10. Type of Assignment and Weight: The Recommendation Report, the Recommendation Presentation, and the Recommendation Outline receive separate grades. The Report (including a Draft and Peer Review) is worth 175 points or 17.5% or your grade; the other two Recommendations assignments are worth 175 points. This is an individual, not group, assignment. Situation: You and a couple of your fellow FAU friends created a startup business. It has been so successful that you and your partners are ready to establish a headquarters. While you all still live in Florida, you, your partners, and the company’s advisory board are not sure Florida is the best location. Therefore, you have agreed to research the issue, write an analytical recommendation report, and prepare and deliver a persuasive recommendation presentation that is paired with an outline of this presentation. Audience: Your partners and your company’s advisory board Your Role/Task: The partner tasked with finding the best location in which to headquarter your business, comparing and contrasting that location with Florida, and recommending whether the company should establish its headquarters in Florida or the other state. Assignment: Follow these steps: 1. Determine the type of start-up company—e.g., accounting, entertainment, finance, healthcare, hospitality, international business, manufacturing, marketing, merchandizing, technology. It could also be a retail store or a non-profit. Here’s an article and a link to other resources to give you some ideas: America’s coolest college startups: U.S. Small Business Administration: 2. Create a name for your company and brief description of it. 3. Identify three critical factors (criteria) in determining the best state in which to locate your business. Additionally: • All criteria must be statistics-oriented unless approved by the instructor. • One of the three criteria must be general, or one that applies to all start-ups. An example of a general criterion is state sales tax or minimum wage laws, though the latter would not apply to a hightech start-up where employee salaries would far exceed the minimum wage, so be careful when you choose your criteria. • Two of the three criteria must apply specifically to your business. An example of a specific criterion for a restaurant is the number of tourists. An example of a specific criterion for a surf shop is weather. If you want to use a target demographic as one of your specific criteria, narrow it down to a specific targeted population, and make it percentage or ratio, not numbers. Example: your start-up is an assisted living facility, and your target demographic is senior citizens 65+. Use the percentage of senior citizens in each state, or number per capita, or number out of 100,000 instead of raw numbers of 65+ year olds. • Do not use any of the following criteria: population (too general, favors highly populated states), any criterion based on state population, and cost of living. • Do not use any criterion that results in a tie (less than a 5% difference between the two states). That is, a number equal to or greater than the 5% threshold will be considered a statistically significant difference; a number less than 5% will be considered a tie. This includes any criterion with dollar amounts. The only exception will be tax percentages, which can be less than 5%. Keep a record of the information and sources for any ties, as this information will need to be documented. Use the following sources to get started: Small Business Administration–Tips for choosing your business location. United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation: Enterprising states dashboard. 4. Using your research, compare and contrast Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

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Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company
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Florida with the other state based on chosen criteria-analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two locations. 5. Recommend which location is best for the company’s headquarters, present your rationale, and acknowledge any disadvantages—explain why you’d recommend the location despite those disadvantages. Format/Organization: Use the memo report format. Use headings and organize your report using the indirect approach of stating the problem, analyzing which state provides the best location in terms of critical factors, and stating/justifying your recommendation. It is mandatory to use the given Skeleton (document format) for every Recommendation assignment. See more specific information in the Mediasite presentations. References: To demonstrate that you are basing your analysis and recommendation on substantive and credible evidence, use a minimum of 3 different sources that you will cite in-text; include an APA 7th formatted References list. Of these three sources, one must come from the university’s library. Sources must be credible; nothing without a year, nothing older than five years; as well as Wikipedia, wikis, blogs, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, etc. are not to be used and will not count. Though it is incorrect APA format to do so, include in brackets as the last element the library /database information for any Reference entry from the library, so that it’s clear which of your sources come from the university’s library. For Library sources: go to Then click on “Research Guides,” then “All Guides,” and scroll down to “GEB 3213: Communicating Business Information.” Click on the most recent version of this course guide; then navigate to the home page. Business Databases and Best Census & Statistical Sites are most relevant to our course, so be sure to click on these tabs. See the Mediasite presentations for full information. Here is the sequence of Recommendation assignments: • Draft of Recommendation Report (approximately halfway done, for peer review worth points). • Draft of Recommendation Report (completely done, now worth 25 points). • Final Recommendation Report (completely done, worth 150 points). • Recommendation Outline (completely done, worth 75 points) • Recommendation Presentation PowerPoint (completely done, worth 100 points), includes the PowerPoint plus the Presentation. Grading: See the Rubrics below for grading criteria for the Recommendation Report Draft and Final Recommendation Report. Brief Details: Criteria for Recommendation Report Draft: Draft must be complete with these 5 elements to earn full points (deduct -5 for Completeness of any element that is partially or fully incomplete, or off topic): Content Max. Pts: Overall: 25 Format Organization Content (Development of Ideas and Use of Evidence) References (APA Reference page and in-text citations) Clarity, conciseness, style and tone Writing Mechanics Overall: 25 • p. 1, title page; • Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

p. 2, four introductory sections/paragraphs; • pp. 3-4, 3 criteria paragraphs; • p. 4, Figure 1; • p. 5, References Timeliness: Deduct 1 pt. for lateness, even one minute late, per 24 hour period: 1 pt. for first 24 hours; -2 pts. for second 24 hours; -3 pts for third 24 hours; -4 pts for fourth 24 hours; -5 pts for fifth 24 hours. After this point, no submissions are accepted and become a 0/F. Brief Details: Criteria for Recommendation Report (Final): The report’s format precisely follows the assignment’s requirements. The introduction fully establishes the report’s objective in its proper context and previews the remaining sections of the report. The report’s body includes all the sections/subsections necessary for presenting a complete analysis of the relevant factors. Each paragraph relates to a main idea, and transitions are varied, clear, and smooth. The conclusion (1) summarizes the report’s major points and (2) states the recommendation and rationale. Content fully supports the report’s overall objective by providing logical explanations and makes a well-justified recommendation supported by credible evidence (e.g., facts, quotes, and visual data). Parenthetical references correspond precisely with the reference list, and both conform to the APA 7th format. The report cites the assignment’s required number of sources, and they are credible sources. A strong sense of the targeted audience is evident throughout the report. The style and tone are professional, dynamic (varied sentences), original, tactful, bias-free, and positive. The report precisely conforms to the assignment’s word/page limits. Sentences are concise and active. Word choices are consistently correct, economical, and precise. The report contains virtually no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Overall: Any plagiarism of any kind, including Stealing of Idea, Stealing of Wording of Idea, or both, will be -10 pts deduction per sentence or 10 pts deduction per missing in-text citation. Format errors (title page, headers, headings, font, spacing, capitalization, etc.) are -1 pt. deduction each. Quotation errors (quoting ideas instead of paraphrasing/summarizing as appropriate) are -5 pts deduction each. Any citation error (Reference or intext) is -1 pt. deduction each. Missing/copied-and-pasted chart/graph is -15 pts deduction. Grammatical errors (run-ons, fragments, verb errors, plural/possessives, wrong/missing words, and commonly confused words) are -1 pt deduction each. Max. Points Max. Pts: 15 15 30 30 30 30 150 Max. Points Recommendation Graphic (Figure 1) Your Recommendation assignments will include a graphic. It must be numbers-oriented and cannot be a table or pie chart. It must be self-constructed, not copied-and-pasted. (Either missing or copied-and-pasted graphics are -15 pts. per assignment.) Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

The statistics must come from a credible, updated online source or sources that you will indicate beneath the graphic. Below is information on tutorials, information, and requirements for this graphic. Tutorials/Information Microsoft Tutorials home: Training Center Requirements for MS Word for Recommendation Draft, Recommendation Report and Recommendation Outline: The graphic must contrast Florida and another state regarding one criterion. In MS Word, go to Insert to Chart, choose the best graphic for the objective (Column, Line, or Bar are the most appropriate; do not choose a pie chart), and then be sure to do the following: • include the words Figure 1 above the figure in bold, aligned left, plus double spaced directly underneath, a concise title in italic title case of no more than two lines long • label all areas of top-down (vertical) and left-right (horizontal) axes, with lower left digit of 0. • use Times New Roman 12 pt. font for all text and digits, both within the figure and outside of it. • must have labeled legend within the figure section itself • must be min. 2, max. 3 in. tall (vertical height of graphic) • contrast the colors if using a clustered column or similar. • underneath the figure, insert the exact word, aligned left and in italics, of Note: followed by a colon, and indicate that the Statistics are from and put in-text narrative citation including year followed by a period. • For Draft and Report: Must include a paragraph analysis of the Figure as shown above, followed by a 3-4 sentence explanation of what numbers exist and what they represent, plus a conclusion to be reached from these numbers. For the Outline: do not include a paragraph analysis of the Figure; just include the Note: and citation line underneath the figure. Requirements for MS PowerPoint for Presentation: All of the directives above apply, plus or except the following: • use Times New Roman 18 pt. font minimum for all text and digits. • figure must be expanded so it covers a majority of the slide • paragraph analysis of the Figure will be done verbally, not in text; do not include an analysis on the slide. Just include the Note: and citation line underneath the figure. Example: Suppose your start-up is a high-tech company, and your headquarters must be in a state with plenty of skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) employees. Your criterion might be Number of Skilled STEM Workers, and the graphic below is for that last criterion. It belongs directly underneath the information for that last criterion in the Rec Report and Rec Outline; for the Presentation, this will be its own slide.Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

Note the following: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE OR PARAPHRASE/SUMMARIZE THE INFORMATION BELOW as it is considered plagiarism (-10 pts. per sentence or -15 for the chart. Figure 1 Differences in Skilled STEM Workers for Two Locations in 2016 and 2026: Florida and Washington 100,000.00 80,000.00 60,000.00 40,000.00 Florida Washington 20,000.00 0.00 2016 2026 (projected) Note: Statistics are from James (2016). As shown above, Florida had about 40,000 skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workers in 2016, and this will expand to 60,000 in 2026. However, the prospect is much better with Washington, which has 60,000 workers, a number that will grow to 80,000 in the same time frame. Thus, the pool of workers is much greater now and in the future in Washington; this favors a move to that state. 1 [Delete, Replace: Title in Title Case, Centered, and in Bold: Subtitle is Optional] [Delete, Replace: Firstname Lastname] College of Business, Florida Atlantic University GEB 3213: Introduction to Business Communication Dr. S. M. Nielsen [Delete, Replace: Month Day, YYYY] 2 MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: X X X X [Delete and Replace with purpose, rationale, and importance of right location ideas, 3-5s] [Delete and Replace with conclusions introduction sentence ending with: and then list 3 conclusion sentences below] 1. 2. 3. [Delete and Replace with summary from first two recommendations paragraphs here, 6-8s] [Delete and Replace with positive close, 2-3s. This memo section should be one page or slightly less.] [Delete and Replace with Closing] [Delete and Replace with Signature] [Delete and Replace with Name] [Delete and Replace with Title] 3 [Delete and Replace with L1 Heading] [Delete and Replace with purpose, business, rationale, and importance of right location, 5-7s] [Delete and Replace with L1 Heading] [Delete and Replace with 2-standout sources info, dates of research, “keywords,” and criteria not used, 5-7s] [Delete and Replace with L1 Heading] [Delete and Replace with main idea, 1s. Then organizational sentence, 1s.] [Delete and Replace with L1 Heading] [Delete and Replace with organizational statement, 1s, for 3 criteria using (a) through (c).] [Delete and Replace with First Criterion] [Delete and Replace with first criterion paragraph using method as shown in Rec Report Matrix document] [Delete and Replace with Second Criterion] [Delete and Replace with second criterion paragraph using method as shown in Rec Report Matrix document] [Delete and Replace with Third Criterion] [Delete and Replace with third criterion paragraph using method as shown in Rec Report Matrix document. This last criterion is the one with the accompanying Figure 1 below] [Delete and Replace with Figure 1. See further information in Rec Report Figure 1 document.] Conclusions [Delete and Replace with conclusions introduction sentence ending with: and then list 3 conclusion sentences below—identical to conclusions paragraph on page 2] 1. 2. 3. Recommendations [Delete and Replace with recommendations and analysis of conclusions from above; 6-8s] 4Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company

[Delete and Replace with rebuttal of one or more disadvantages, anticipate and acknowledge concerns, why one location is recommended despite these concerns that are then rebutted; 5-7s] [Delete and Replace: memorable idea; 1-2s. All text through this recommendation section= p. 5 or p. 6. References must start, top of p. 6 or p. 7] 5 References X Recommendation Assignment Sources NON-Library Sources 1.¤tTimeframe=0&sortModel=%7B%22colId%22:%22Location%2 2,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D Average cost of employer contribution, health insurance This article can be used in the assignments if you have average cost of employer contribution, health insurance as a criterion. Put your summary/paraphrase of an idea from this source (Kaiser Family Foundation [KFF], 2018). For the 2+ in-text citation, it would be (KFF, 2018). Then the Reference entry would be as follows: Kaiser Family Foundation. (2018). Average annual single premium per enrolled employee for employer-based health insurance.,%22s ort%22:%22asc%22%7D 2. Minimum wage laws This article can be used in the assignments if you have minimum wages as a criterion. Put your summary/paraphrase of an idea from this source (U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division [USDLWHD], 2020). For the 2+ in-text citation, it would be (USDLWHD, 2020). Then the Reference entry would be as follows: U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division. (2020). State minimum wage laws. 3. States for start-ups This article can be used in the assignments if you have best states for start-ups as a criterion. Put your summary/paraphrase of an idea from this source (Guta, 2019). For the 2+ in-text citation, it would be the same. Then the Reference entry would be as follows: 1 Guta, M. (2019). Best states to launch a start-up revealed. Small Business Trends. 4. States for business This article can be used in the assignments if you have business climate as a criterion. Put your summary/paraphrase of an idea from this source ( Assignment: Determine the type of start-up company


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