adverstisement essay

Save Name:  your file with the following name type: AEfirstinitiallastname (e.g. AEchilton.docx), but replace my first initial and last name with your own. Description: During this assignment, you will break down a major advertisement from print advertising. I’ve supplied a PowerPoint with several images you can use for this assignment. However, if there is an advertising print image that you want to do, email/link me a copy of it and I’ll see if it can be done. Keep in mind that the only items that can be done for this are print advertisements (that means no commercials).  You will provide a critical analysis of the advertisement. I recommend that you incorporate items from the readings/videos, regarding advertising, to help you out. After all, these experts provide tools to help us better understand how advertisements work.  Advertisements are complex; your job is to discuss that complexity. Make sure you’re focusing on the details of the advertisement while you prove your argument. Here are some tools we’ve seen that may be of use to you as you work out your paper: Focusing on an advertiser’s intention (“Jesus is a Brand of Jeans”) What are the appeals used in the ad? (“Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”) What is the broader implications of the advertisement (Kilbourne, Lasn, Jhally) Are there any powerful or subtle images that are persuasive? (Kilbourne and Jhally) Does the advertisement function on stereotypes or exploitation? (Kilbourne and Jhally) How are marketers trying to get you to buy the product? Are they telling you that you’ll be “cool” or “sexy?” (“The Cult You’re In”) What kind of images are marketers using? If you are a little more advanced in writing, what are the ethos (ethics), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion) of the campaign? Rhetorical fallacies? (If you don’t know what those are, don’t fret, we’ll get to them later.) Keep in mind that in a paper this short (2-3 pages) you don’t have room to use every tool listed above. These are meant to get you thinking about the world of advertising and a possible direction you can take. For example, if you’ve chosen to examine the appeals of the ad, your paper should focus solely on those appeals and the explanation of their function in the ad. If you’re discussing stereotyping or broader implications, you would focus on those. You can combine tools, but keep in mind that you have to know why you’re using them together. Make sure you develop a plan for how the tools work together–this is no time to shoot from the hip.    There is much to analyze in any advertisement. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. You need to develop a thesis statement and fashion your essay around it.  Here are some ways you can approach this: Comparison and Contrast: take two similar products and compare how each company chooses to advertise. This is a common type of paper in college. However, keep in mind that you will want to keep the paper focused on the contrasts and comparisons between the two In-depth Analysis: This method will take one print advertisement and break it down in many different ways. For example, the analysis might look at the advertisement through a racial lens, gender lens, and/or class lens. It will explore every aspect of the advertisement.   I want to warn you against making this a difficult paper. You’re merely looking at one of the provided images and making arguments about it. Many students struggle to find items to discuss. Each image provided has more than enough potential content in it to make it to three pages or more. You’re reading into the image. If it feels like you’re stating the obvious at times, you’re most likely on the right track. Make sure you provide proof by describing details that support your argument. For example, one might argue in a paragraph that the Old Spice advertisement gives more room to the white man in the image than the black man or the white woman. You would then describe how the image portrays this: his arms are stretched out, he takes up more of the ad space, etc…. Proof, proof, proof–that’s what I’m looking for here. Frame your arguments in with a thesis statement and cap the essay off with an introduction and conclusion. We’re working specifically on the skill to refine your use of proof and details.    This is about using details when you’re writing. A significant portion of all writing is details you use to support the argument you’re making. Make sure you’re discussing the details of your chosen advertisemen

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