Please help with my Spanish homework question!

Please help with my Spanish homework question! Part 1: conjugate the word in parentheses in the correct form: Solution Essays   Please help with my Spanish homework question! Part 1: conjugate the word in parentheses in the correct form of the present indicative, present subjunctive, preterite, or the past subjunctive. 1. El professor nos prohibió […]

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Arts and Politics

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic personal statement of master program application: arts politics. At a tender age, by attending local exhibitions of contemporary art in my local city, I realized the impact that art had on the world. Hundreds of people would flock the exhibition, learning about their culture, while others learned of the current events in a satirical and funny way through paintings and controversial sculptures. This was one of the reasons that pulled me into the arts. The creativity with which artists expressed themselves through their art, especially in politics, amazed me. This, coupled with the studies in my subsequent years in high school, cultivated a desire in arts politics. I wanted to understand the power that art had in influencing people’s lives, pulling them together, and its ability to change the world’s politics. As my interest in art progressed, so did my desire to study arts, more specifically arts politics. Currently, there is a big influence of art on the global politics, if the current wave of globalization is anything to go by. For instance, the growing significance of Asian countries in the global economy and in particular China has received an artistic uproar. Politics of neo-colonialism and the increased need of the West to control the global economy form the biggest source of political art in exhibition and in media. With the increase in the uptake of technology, there has been a significant change in the arts industry. While initially artists relied on art exhibition, currently the various forms of art and art exhibition make art significant in the global economy. More artists use advertising as a way of exhibiting their art. others prefer social media, audio-visual and print media. This has promoted the growth of arts in the international economy. A number of factors necessitate the study of arts politics. With the increase in the application of art in the world economy, I want to change the use and application of art in various sectors of the economy. I hope to make the advertising and production sector of the world more profitable by influencing the way artists use their talents and artistic abilities. Further, I want to change the perception that the world has in relation to the art politics, hence encouraging people to invest in art. This is possible through art related talks, organizing workshops and seminars on the importance of art in society, and changing the notion that people have on art politics. This requires adequate knowledge and understanding of art. This is only possible through further training on art politics. However, of more importance to me at a personal level is the ability of art to draw people’s attention and influence the world politics and economy. I have realized that lack of training and skills hinders my career development and growth. Increasingly, people rely on art in their daily lives. Creating captivating content for the media, raising awareness of an issue, and advertising an idea or a product all call for the use of art. As such, people have taken learning art at an advanced level. My interest in arts at a tender age influenced my career choice at the undergraduate level. I wanted a more arts related field, thus settling for the Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication with a major in Advertising and a minor in Business Administration.

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Through Les Demoiselles Davignon by Picasso

Need help with my writing homework on Through Les Demoiselles dAvignon by Picasso. Write a 250 word paper answering; Through Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Picasso is trying to capture the figure and essence of women in a very different manner than was conventional at the time of that the work was painted. The women in this painting appear to be very primitive and animalistic. By the way the women are posed and positioned, it seems like they also possess an air of confidence and strength about them. It appears that Picasso is trying to convey through all of the other elements that make women beautiful, rather than just what is on the surface. In addition, while the beauty of women can be seen there is also ugliness about them as well. Perhaps Picasso was trying to convey both the beauty and ugly of women through the women in the painting.One term that could help in looking at this painting more closely would be shape. The painting is very geometric and the women are not painted in a realistic style. The shapes within this painting are also interesting because they are all imperfect. For example, while an arm or a leg looks triangular, it is slightly distorted. Analyzing form also helps in looking at this painting more closely. The placement of each shape that makes up every part of each woman within the painting raises more questions about why it was painted in that manner.One last term that helps in looking at the painting more closely is line. Many of the lines are diagonal, which draw the eye downward towards a cluster of geometric shapes in the bottom center of the painting. It makes me wonder what that is representing, if anything, and also question its placement and purpose in the painting.

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