The Journal Entry 2 Assignment has four parts.  Your entry should be around 200 words. Make sure you address each prompt (question) for full credit.  You will be assessed on your content, grammar, and spelling. Please address the following questions: Simply put, what is acting? If you had to explain acting to a space alien from Venus, how would you do it? In your opinion, what qualities make a good actor? What is good acting? In the last paragraph of page 4 in A Practical Handbook for the Actor, “The Job of the Actor,” the author introduces the “actor’s inventory.” The author states, “The best thing you can do for yourself as an actor is to clearly define and list those things that are your responsibilities and separate them from the things that are not.” I would like you to take a few moments to think about this idea. As a student in THTR 105, Introduction to Acting I, itemize (list) what is in your control and what is out of your control as you move forward in this class. Provide examples for each area. You can bullet point these thoughts. Finally, describe to me what it means to live TRUTHFULLY under the imaginary circumstances (or given circumstances) of the play.

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