Chinese Americans’ Racial Macroaggressions/Discrimination

This is to be a complete draft of your research paper, properly formatted, with all of the necessary parts as outlined in the research paper description. It should also include your abstract (should be between 150 and 250 words) and bibliography (15 sources). Please consult your syllabus for further details.Please write the abstract and add […]

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Culture and Cognition

1. Investigate the relationships between and intersections of language, culture, and cognition. 2. Consider the issues involved in language learning and culture. 3. Gain exposure into indigenous languages from around the world that are currently endangered and the implications of the disappearance of languages. Activities: • Read the following articles: Imai, M., Kanero, J., & […]

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Cultural Diffusion Appropriation and Acculturation

Culture essay For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay concerned with the processes of cultural diffusion, appropriation, and/or acculturation.

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Latino and Hispanic Culture

Latino and Hispanic cultures are rich, diverse and dynamic. Select one aspect of family functioning (parenting, home-school connection, marital stability, sibling relationships, etc.) and research the literature (3-5 studies) on how Latino families fair in this area of functioning. In a 2-3 page paper, summarize your research findings and explain how aspects of Latino culture influences families. Discuss the implications of your literature research findings on working with Latino families. Include, 1.description of the cultural strengths, values and beliefs of Latino families 2.How you might apply this information to working with this particular population 3.Differences and similarities between your own cultural background and Latino/a research on the family topic you have chosen( my cultural background is african american) 4.How might background impact your work with Latino families Draw from no less than three scholarly sources, not including your text.

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Elements of Canadian Culture

This week we will be discussing elements of Canadian culture. Specifically, we will examine the contributions of English and French Canadians in the world of music. art, television, movies, sport, and literature. Some of the topics that should be bandied about…..What IS Canadian about these works – if anything? Are the lines between American and Canadian artists blurred – or are there clear differences among them? Are there differences between English and French Canada in terms of culture, if so, what are they? Also, how familiar are you with these artists? Have you heard, seen, read them previous to this week? What are your impressions of them? There is a lot to discuss. Do not feel obliged to answer every question. Simply comment on those that interest you.

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