Sexism and Standards in the Government

Your paper should have at least the following sections: 1. Introductory paragraph: In this paragraph you should have a clear thesis stating the main point you wish to make regarding the meaning of the human being and how this relates to the two thinkers you have chosen from the course. 2. Review of Two Thinkers: […]

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Breaking Down Sex Differences

use the link to go to the website and answer the questions below: 1. Lise Eliot is quoted as saying “sex differences are real and some are probably present at birth, but then social factors magnify them.” What does this statement mean? Do you agree? Why or why not? 2. The author says that Americans excel at breaking down divisions. Do you agree with this statement? Provide examples in your answer. 3. Physician Leonard Sax has stated that “ignoring gender won’t make it go away.” Is a gender-neutral society one that ignores gender? 4. Is it necessary for a society to become gender-neutral in order for all citizens to be considered equal? Why or why not? 5. Are we moving toward an end of gender? Why or why not?

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Gender Bias in Controlling Representations

“controlling representations”. What does this term mean? What is an example of a controlling representation in the media that you have observed? Post an example (image, clip, or otherwise) of a controlling representation. Explain what kind of unconscious bias may be perpetuated by this kind of controlling representation.

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Males in the Man-Box

This is not formal essay, does not need any source, simply answer the questions. Watch the TED Talk of founder Tony Porter at Answer the following: What is the man-box? What are some ways that you think males are placed in this box? Do you place males in this man-box? What are the dysfunctions of putting males into this man-box? What do you think is the role of our females in promoting the rigid idea of a “real man”? How is men’s liberation from the man-box tied to women’s liberation? What changes would you make in socializing children so that both males are females can develop qualities that are healthy rather than qualities that fit rigid stereotypes?

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Gender and Economic Justice

Subject: World Languages and Culture. CRITICAL REFLECTION ON THE READINGS: Please write a critical reflection paper . Critical reflection should have an introduction, and a conclusion. Well organized, clear and precise. READINGS:1. Association for women’ s rights in Development [AWID]. 2004. Intersectionality: A tool for Gender and Economic Justice. Women’s Rights and Economic change. No 9, August.

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Exploration on Differential Treatment of Boys and Girls

A critical exploration to why schools label girls as unproblematic in comparison to boys, why are they treated different and have different expectations to boys.

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