Essay about myself and why i want to study information system managemy

Why I want to study information system management and of what benefit will it be to me. How will it be of purpose to my country Ghana and Africa as a whole. File uploaded shows certain corrections to be madewhen opened with word. Seeking admission at Auburn university Alabama. Why I am selecting Auburn as […]

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Problems to addressed using a data warehouse

Presentation Rubric       Slides must follow best practices for slide presentations       Executive Summary (Introduction) and Problem Slide       Traceability/Requirements Slide       Warehouse Tables and Processes Slide           Administrative Tasks Slide        

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myocardial infarction

Follow the rubric and focus on the highlighted in yellow color only. it is a power point presentation. thanks. Again follow the rubrics.

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Big Data Analytics

This paper will focus on how big data analytics and data applications such as robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML) can improve productivity and customer engagement for financial organizations. (i.e., banks, fintech or financial industry at large). Discuss obstacles that hinder implementation such as lack of employee skills, regulations and rules from regulators […]

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