Arctic Ocean Governance

More about international policy and environmental policy. What governance system for the Arctic Ocean would you recommend that balances environmental protection, economic activity, and societal wellbeing, taking into account the needs of people in the region today (surrounding countries, their EEZ’s, as well as indigenous cultures) and the needs of future generations more broadly in the world? Keep in mind in the context of the Arctic Ocean, and other international transboundary regions, sustainable governance involves balancing international/national interests with regional/community interests.

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Israel/Palestine Foreign Policy

TOPIC: U.S. relationship with Israel/Palestine early in history. Why did US take an interest in their affairs? What did they gain? what did Israel gain? Does religion play a key factor in the foreign affairs between US and the Israel/Palestine area? What is the current foreign policy held with the region? How has Trump’s Foreign policy been with the area? Is it different than other Presidents in the past? What are the key organizations that play a role in the Foreign Policy? (AIPAC Group) Research Paper Guidelines: MUST INCLUDE – History of US involvement in the area and surrounding areas past and present (only what is relevant to topic) – Particular themes – Autocratic leaders, surveillance, international law and organization, religious minorities or arms control

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