Topic Paper: Land Ethic

Type a 2500 word topic essay on Land ethics. Below I have attached the rubric so you can get a better sense of what the essay is about.

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Sugar Cane in Florida

Use only Scholar citations.  Please use google Scholar as this is a dissertation chapter.  Please write about Sugar Cane and Florida.  I need an introduction to sugar cane (with scientific name) and focus on the growth of it in Florida.  Please stay on task and not sway into other topics.  This is just the introduction […]

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chem discussion

For this discussion you get to switch roles from student to teacher! Suppose you needed to explain the concept of the mole to a junior high school student.  What would you tell them?Some background:There’s a great story about the the famous physicist Richard Feynman.  One of Feynman’s colleagues, David Goodstein, once asked him to explain […]

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