Critical Theory or Conflict Theory

Listen to Chris Brook’s interview with Dr. Neil Shenvi: How Critical Theory (or Conflict Theory) impacts society and why Christians should care. (Allow 50 minutes to listen) listening to Dr. Neil Shenvi, are you aware of how the spread of Critical/Conflict Theory across our post-Christian culture has influenced your own views of social justice Name at least 2 ways Critical theory is compatible with Christianity and 2 ways that it is not. What would a Critical/Conflict Theorist say is the fundamental duty of human beings?How has Union Seminary exemplified the influence of Critical Theory on the church? What will be your authority,  Critical Theory, or Scripture?

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Planned Parenthood

Read Planned parenthood’s  mission statement.  • Read 40 Days For Life’s mission statement: Read Christy Zink’s pro-abortion story: Planned Parenthood and 40 Days for Life believe they are liberating the oppressed. Explain how each group defines the oppressed, what they offer as the solution, and which group you believe is right. Use scripture to support your choice.

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