Stages of Development

When is a child’s communication considered delayed? Please include stages of development regarding communication with examples. What are speech disorders and how are they characterized? What are language disorders? How does they affect language development and education? How does a speech language pathologist help children with communication disorders? Explain with specific techniques and examples. For […]

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Implications of Piaget’s Theory

Topic Educational Psychology: Choose a particular grade level and discuss three important implications of Piaget’s theory for teaching students at this grade particular grade level. State three points both in abstract terms and in terms of specific educational practices an educator should employ. Needs to have intro/body/conclusion.

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Types of Stress

Types of Stress :Answer each question in the prompt with a full paragraph. 1. Is there a specific type of stress that is most frequent in your life? Explain. 2. Is there a specific location or set of circumstances that produce a great deal of stress for you? 3. What specific reaction to the stressful […]

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Biomedical and Cognitive Therapies

Compare and contrast biomedical and cognitive therapies used to treat pain. Name two kinds of biomedical and cognitive therapies. What pain experiences does each kind of therapy seem to treat best?

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Dimensional Approach to abnormality

The current DSM(5) supports a dimensional approach to abnormality, whereas the previous DSM(IV-TR) supported a categorical approach. Some psychologists have suggested that a dimensional model (where behavior exists on a continuum and “abnormal” is simply an extreme form of normal behaviors) may be more accurate. Do you support the categorical or the dimensional approach? Which […]

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