Framing the Operational Environment(s)

Army design methodology (ADM)Write a 300-500 word substantive journal entry describing the process and concept of framing the operational environment and how you envision facilitating this process as an Operation Sergeant Major. Be sure to reference appropriate doctrine that supports your analysis.

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Code of Ethics Legality

After reading the Code of Ethics thoroughly, select the three ethical principles that you identify as most important in contracting for services with a client or client system. In a brief paper, clearly discuss the legal implications of the ethical principle and what potential issues may arise in establishing the contract and provide examples. Indicate […]

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Cultural Awareness through Music

Reflect upon and explain how your cultural awareness has expanded and how your understanding of diverse cultures and value systems has evolved through listening to and learning about music from around the world.For more information on Cultural Awareness through Music read this:

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Introduction to Media

Viewing Sheet- Oxhide IISynopsis: Breaking new ground in cinematic art, Liu Jiayin’s follow-up to her masterful debut Oxhide turns a simple dinner into a profoundly intimate study of family relationships.This Viewing Sheet is intended to help you improve your filmmaking technique, one observation at a time. It’s okay to enjoy the story, but while you […]

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Socially Responsible Behavior

As an organizational leader, one of your primary roles is establishing programs and policies that ensure the organization operates under ethical considerations and legal mandates. This responsibility includes informing employees of the organization’s code of ethics, communicating the code of ethics, providing training, and ensuring that operational aspects are administered in a legal and ethical […]

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